After School G4-5 Four Week Program

After School G4-5 Four Week Program

$ 522.00

The program includes Homework Help, Chinese, Math, Web Development, Science Whizzes, Art Monsters, and Young Chef Classes.


Grade Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
G4-5 3:00-4:00

4:00-5:00 5:00-6:00

HW Help / Chinese / Math HW Help / Chinese / Math / Reading & Writing HW Help / Chinese / Math HW Help / Web Development / Chinese Science Whizzes / Art Monsters / Young Chefs
  1. Chinese: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Compositions and Essays, Chinese Cultural Studies, Idioms Practice
  2. Math: Common Core Standards.
  3. English: Common Core Standards. Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Composition Writing, and Literature.
  4. Web Development: Intro to basics of web development.
  5. Science: Fun experiments that spark curiosity and interest.
  6. Art: Creative projects and crafts.
  7. Cooking: Making simple delicious treats.