ESL Program

ESL Program

ESL at ShareWorld

These classes will help students master the basics of English conversation, speaking skills, enhance reading, writing abilities, and improve comprehension of all academic areas as well as develop an appreciation for American culture and traditions. ESL students will be divided into appropriate class levels based on their placement test results.

The acronyms above correspond to:

  •   ESL – English as Second Language
  •   ELD – English Language Development
  •   TOEFL – Test of English As a Foreign Language

ShareWorld has specialized English courses geared specifically toward international ESL students. With decades of experience, our faculty offer high quality learning experiences for students looking to improve their English.

Summer ESL Program

The summer English camp focuses on everyday English usage, allowing students to practice speaking in real world scenarios to facilitate smooth and natural conversational speech.


  1. Develop the basics of English comprehension in all academic areas, mainly reading and writing skills.
  2. Master the foundations of English conversational techniques.
  3. Acquire an appreciation for and knowledge of American culture and traditions.

Schedule and Curriculum

The summer ESL program runs Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Hours are flexible. The program includes classes, lunch, playtime, and time to socialize with peers. ShareWorld staff supervise students on all breaks and will encourage them to engage in activities that help them practice English speaking skills. Students may also remain at ShareWorld after 4:30 for other activities.

Summer ESL programs at ShareWorld include the following:

  • English Conversation
  • Everyday English
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Public Speaking
  • Critical Reading
  • Storytelling
  • English Grammar


Assessment and Placement

Classes for ESL students are categorized into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Upon enrolling at ShareWorld, ESL students will be given a placement test to determine which course level is most appropriate. The test will assess their skills in English speaking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening.