Roadmap to College

How you choose to spend your high school years plays a crucial role in shaping your academic career and goals. Throughout high school, there are many things students can do to improve, solidify, and maintain an impressive profile for college applications, including but not limited to participating in academic extracurricular activities, maintaining a rigorous course load, showing commitment and dedication, and more. To assist you in making the most out of high school, we have laid out a college application road-map that includes fundamental goals for each year in high school.

9th Grade

Time for Exploration and Foundation Building

Key goals

  • Get on a good start (course selection, PSAT/SAT planning)
  • Build a good study habit and routine

  • Explore extra-curricular activities and community services
  • Make plans for summer time
  • Always stay ahead and do not procrastinate
  • Exchange emails frequently with your counselor to keep on track

10th Grade

Buckle down and get on track

Key goals

  • PSAT/SAT Preparation (English, Math, Writing)
  • Take Honor/AP courses
  • Develop leadership (at school and outside)
  • Build on community service & extra-curricular activities
  • Build on honors and awards
  • Start narrowing down academic/career track

11th Grade

Look into the future

Key goals

  • Complete SAT/ACT test plans and preparations
  • Rigorous course selection (Honor/AP/College courses)
  • Build up on community service hours
  • Take active leadership (clubs, tutorial, TA)
  • Collect information for different colleges
  • Prepare Senior Questionnaire (recommendation letters)
  • Find a significant summer involvement (research/intern)
  • Attend college fair and take college tours.

12th Grade

Prepare for the future

Key goals

  • Retake any SAT/ACT exams
  • Keep up rigorous courses and high GPA
  • Maintain community service and leadership positions
  • Apply to target, safety, and reach schools
  • Craft personal statements
  • Research financial aid
  • Ensure letter of recommendations are submitted
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Enjoy Senior year!


For more information or guidance, please consult ShareWorld staff. We will be happy to set up a meeting with experienced ShareWorld counselors.