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KTSF Interview with Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson’s classes.
How to find the right passions for English and other literature subjects? Watch the KTSF interview with literature expert Mr. Johnson below.
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DIY College Counseling with Dr. Yoshida

College Counseling Packages
How to DIY for College Admission Essay? See the video below to listen to ShareWorld College Counselor Dr. Yoshida’s Presentation.
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2023  Seminar – Student Success

2023  After School Enrichment & Test Prep (G6-8)

2016 August Seminar – How to Excel In High School Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

2016 August Talk Radio – Volunteering and the College Application (Chinese)

2014 August Seminar – Beating the Odds!

2014 August Seminar – Finding Success as a Science Major

2014 May Seminar – The Future of Standardized Testing

2014 May Seminar – How to Stand Out on Your College Applications

2014 May Seminar – Pre-Med Considerations in College