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College Admission Changing Trends
our senior College Counselor Dr. Yoshida and guest speakers:

• College Admission changing trends – New Digital SAT test & Engineering majors
• Specially invited professional essay editor Mr. Loy talks about writing into college
• English teacher Mr. Johnson talks about the Benefits of English Study & the future SAT digital test.
• Guest speakers share the prospect of majoring in Data Science & Engineering.

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We strongly encourage your students to take advantage of our classes to strengthen their writing abilities.
We will have three levels of writing classes. The topics may cover the necessary essay writing for G8-G12.
– Fundamental Essay Writing:
– Activity Application Essay Writing:
– Write-Into-College class.

College Application & Essay Writing Kick off Class
This class is packed with valuable information on college applications including how to fill out the application forms effectively, essays Do’s and Dont’s, interview practice, and more with the objective of having an early start on creating optimal applications.

Free Online College Planning Consultation
In the face of uncertainties due to COVID-19, It’s essential to make a plan for the changing situation. Click to make an online consultation appointment

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College Admission

A. Early College Planning

B. Academic Plan & Evaluation

C. SAT I / ACT Test Package

D. College Application

E. Essay Editing

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Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Essay Writing
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Algebra I / Geometry
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Physics / Biology / Chemistry

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