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Student Success

Our motivated, dedicated students view learning as an enjoyable endeavor, not only as a way to improve test scores but to increase their knowledge as well.

What did students say about ShareWorld SAT:

“In all my years of practice, never before have I seen such improvement of my score and more importantly in my personal comprehension. Reading comprehension has always been my lagging point in standardized testing. In Mr. Johnson’s Verbal class, I have read great classical works such as The Defense of Socrates and the Qur’an, improving my reading comprehension skills by leaps and bounds. On the day of official testing, I walked into the test site confidently, with the skills that I had learned at ShareWorld. When the score sheet came in the mail, I found out that I had earned the perfect 800 score of my dreams.” – Diana P

“I am writing to thank you for your excellent SAT and AP tutoring services. Because of the extraordinary level of tutoring that I received from Ms. Ku, the math and physics teacher, I was able to score a perfect 800 on the SAT II Physics test as well as score 5s on both portions of the AP Physics C test. Ms. Ku was an extraordinary teacher. She taught me with patience, depth, and speed, which was essential since I only had a few weeks to prepare for my physics exams. I am extremely grateful to ShareWorld and Ms. Ku for their help in attaining such high scores – I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Simon T

“I would like to thank you for all the help that you and the rest of the staff of the ShareWorld have given me. It it with your help and guidance that I was able to achieve an 800 on my SAT math. I am forever grateful to you and to the rest of the staff.” – Fang Z

“It was the greatest pleasure in my life to study in such a high-leveled and helpful institute for the previous three month. I am holding my SAT score sheet with a 800 on SAT II-C and 780 on SAT I math stated; but without the help of my tutor Ms. Ku, and all the great helps from ShareWorld, I could never make this big success come true. Therefore, I would like to present my most profound appreciation by writing a letter to all the teachers in ShareWorld who helped me during my most difficult and important tie period in my life.” – Gary H