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2023 College Admission Results

Our motivated and dedicated students view learning not only as a way to improve test scores but also as an enjoyable endeavor.

2021 Student Success

What did students say about ShareWorld SAT:

“In all my years of practice, never before have I seen such improvement of my score and more importantly in my personal comprehension. Reading comprehension has always been my lagging point in standardized testing. In Mr. Johnson’s Verbal class, I have read great classical works such as The Defense of Socrates and the Qur’an, improving my reading comprehension skills by leaps and bounds. On the day of official testing, I walked into the test site confidently, with the skills that I had learned at ShareWorld. When the score sheet came in the mail, I found out that I had earned the perfect 800 score of my dreams.” – Diana P

“I am writing to thank you for your excellent SAT and AP tutoring services. Because of the extraordinary level of tutoring that I received from Ms. Ku, the math and physics teacher, I was able to score a perfect 800 on the SAT II Physics test as well as score 5s on both portions of the AP Physics C test. Ms. Ku was an extraordinary teacher. She taught me with patience, depth, and speed, which was essential since I only had a few weeks to prepare for my physics exams. I am extremely grateful to ShareWorld and Ms. Ku for their help in attaining such high scores – I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Simon T

“I would like to thank you for all the help that you and the rest of the staff of the ShareWorld have given me. It is with your help and guidance that I was able to achieve an 800 on my SAT math. I am forever grateful to you and to the rest of the staff.” – Fang Z

“It was the greatest pleasure in my life to study in such a high-leveled and helpful institute for the previous three month. I am holding my SAT score sheet with a 800 on SAT II-C and 780 on SAT I math stated; but without the help of my tutor Ms. Ku, and all the great helps from ShareWorld, I could never make this big success come true. Therefore, I would like to present my most profound appreciation by writing a letter to all the teachers in ShareWorld who helped me during my most difficult and important tie period in my life.” – Gary H

College Counseling

Dr. Yoshida really helped me a lot. She had a lot of recommendations on what classes I should take, what clubs I should join, extracurricular activities, and also summer programs. So when I got to the actual application I was really prepared and felt confident that I had things to say on my application.

Emma T., Accepted by NYU, UC Berkeley

I remember I had a lot of trouble choosing a topic and finding the right thing to write about but Dr. Yoshida really helped me find something that was meaningful and something that I was passionate about and I feel like that really showed in the application.

Annabelle C., Accepted by U.C. Berkeley

The U.C. application process was hectic and stressful. Having Dr. Yoshida on my side was the most valuable resource I could’ve asked for. She kept me ahead of my due dates, gave me tips that put me ahead of regular students, and perhaps even kept me from going insane.

Jimmy L., Accepted by U.C. Berkeley

Dr. Yoshida helped me with the application process a lot, especially using my ideas to help with writing the essays for each college. Without her I don’t think that I would’ve gotten into University of Michigan.

John L., Accepted by University of Michigan

Thank you for providing me with the resources and mentors necessary to keep me on track in my path to college success. After first coming to this place in seventh grade to improve my English, I was highly impressed with Mr. Johnson’s in depth of knowledge. His teaching methodologies exposed me to literature such as Beowulf and Paradise Lost and his flashcard/booklet system vastly expanded my vocabulary. Since taking that class, I reached out and exposed myself to even more literature that has greatly shaped me as a person and independent thinker.

Eric W.

When I got a score of 800 in both math and chemistry I knew I could only thank Shareworld. First of all I would like to thank both of the teachers for staying after class and answering any extra questions I had. Mike’s classes flowed with the students. Whatever we didn’t understand, we went back and looked over it. Nothing was set in concrete, everything was abstract. This let us focus on our individul needs and help us score as high as possible. It’s amazing how on my first practice test I got the score 570.570!!! That’s like missing around 30 or 40 questions out of 85. Slowly week by week my score began to rise. Soon, I had gotten my first 800, and felt extremely confident going into the real SAT II. What I felt was really helpful the supplemental material and the in-depth lectures which teach me a lot. Thank you!

Mason Z.

I would like to thank Shareworld for its excellent tutoring service. Thanks to Ms. Ku, I was able to score a perfect 800 SAT II math test. Ms. Ku was an excellent teacher and taught me at the perfect speed and level I needed to do well on the exam. She taught me with patience, even though I only had a few weeks before the test. Without the help of Shareworld and Ms. Ku, I couldn’t have gotten such an amazing score.

Ellen M.

I would like to thank both Shareworld and Mr. Peter Chang for their role in helping me get an 800 in the SAT II Math. Although initially i had fallen stuck at a score of 750 or lower, thanks to Mr. Chang’s clear cut explanations and wide variety of problems on even the hardest problems, I was able to get the only score I really wanted. I am eternally indebted to both Shareworld and Mr Chang for giving me the opportunity to perform my very best.

Tommy H.

Mr. Kao undersootd what exactly College board tests on and conducted all-around effective review sessions. Thanks to his strategies, I managed to overcome my fear of FR Qs and was able to ace them on test day. The class, covering many topics which my highschool failed to, was extremly helpful in preparation for the test. It is only becuase of this class that I have managed to bring out the most results with the least amount of unnecessary effort possible. Thank you Shareworld for providing us with this golden learning opportunity.

Cao X.


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