Frequently Asked Questions

About ShareWorld

  • When was ShareWorld established?
    ShareWorld was established in 1993 by concerned parents and professionals who felt that public education lacked opportunities for students to excel in an increasingly competitive world.
  • Do you keep records of student performance?
    Yes, student progress is charted throughout their time here to pinpoint areas of difficulty and develop ways to improve students’ confidence and performance in academics and beyond.
  • What teaching methods do your instructors employ?
    Our teachers take the time to focus on each individual student, noting personal strengths and weaknesses and ensuring each student understands the material well.
  • What sets you apart from other schools?
    Compared to our competitors, we offer the widest selection of classes to choose from, and welcome learners of all ages. We have students stay with ShareWorld throughout their entire academic careers and we ensure that each student receives personal attention to maximize their potential for success.
  • What services do you provide?
    We offer academic enrichment classes for a variety of subjects, college counseling, consulting, ESL/ELD/TOEFL tutoring, SAT I/SATII/ACT/AP test preparation classes, and more. See a catalog of our classes here.

About using this website

  • How do I register/sign up for classes online?
    Please refer to this guide.

About academics

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