About Us

ShareWorld in a Nutshell

Our educational landscape is constantly changing and evolving for kids of all ages.  The focus of entering into a great and suitable university is of utmost importance, and it demands a great deal of attention and resources to achieve the optimal results that makes everyone happy at home.

For decades now, ShareWorld Learning Center has fulfilled that promise and mission to our parents and gradians by always making students’ interests our top priority.

Our wide range of classes are designed to meet our students’ needs. We provide timely academic and planning of extracurricular activities for middle school and high school students, as well as training in basic knowledge, academic performance, study skills, and critical thinking for all ages.

We provide high school students with college admission planning, essay editing workshops, and counseling packages. For elementary and middle school students, we offer exciting afterschool programs and enrichment classes.

Our Mission

Message from the Principal

ShareWorld Learning Center is an academic enrichment center with the primary goal of providing a friendly and efficient learning environment to guide students towards academic success and beyond. We offer a broad range of classes for anything from SAT preparation to college counseling. Our programs include:

  • SAT I/II, ACT, and AP test preparation
  • GPA boosting courses in a variety of academic subjects
  • Semi-private and private instruction/tutoring
  • College counseling & College admissions assistance
  • Enrichment electives in a variety of subjects

Our Story

  • ShareWorld Learning Center was founded in the summer of 1993 by four educators with the vision of increasing students’ opportunities for academic and social development in an increasingly competitive environment. Through observing their own children, these educators saw the need for an independent educational environment built on a variety of crucial skills needed to succeed in a complex, modern society.
  • At ShareWorld, we strive to ensure that our students will not only learn to succeed academically, but also develop an appreciation for the different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas in our world.

Our Core Values

  • Foster an open mind toward every individual and situation
  • Strengthen students’ cooperation with peers in social and academic matters
  • Treat the world with respect and share insights

Our 4Q Teaching Goals:

  • IQ [Intelligence Quotient]: To cultivate the intellectual mind

We strive to improve our students’ academic performance (as measured by GPA/SAT/AP scores) by enhancing their verbal skills (reading, writing, etc.) and strengthening their comprehension of mathematics. Our instructors, who specialize in a variety of subjects, utilize both their extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields to present the material in a structured, effective manner in order to facilitate our student’s full intellectual and creative potential.

  • EQ [Emotional Quotient]: To encourage emotional development

The instructors and students at ShareWorld enjoy close relationships based upon ShareWorld values of keeping an “Open Mind”, maintaining friendships, and sharing insight, hence our name “ShareWorld”. By providing students with a tightly-knit community founded on self-discipline and self-improvement, ShareWorld enables students to integrate these crucial aspects to their learning and development.

  • MQ [Moral Quotient]: To foster core moral values

At ShareWorld, we strive to teach students the importance of maintaining moral values, a healthy work ethic, and social responsibility. Through teaching students more than just academic knowledge, students are able to gain self-discipline and proper decorum in various environments and social settings, values that are crucial for students’ entire academic careers.

  • AQ: [Adversity Quotient]: To inspire learning from challenges

ShareWorld instructors take pride in conditioning students to face and overcome struggles with patience and optimism. By employing a vast spectrum of activities, crafts and oratory courses intended to help students develop leadership abilities, students acquire the confidence to overcome barriers and setbacks to thrive under pressure, and pick themselves up after struggles.