30th Year

ShareWorld Learning Center was founded in the summer of 1993 by four educators who envisioned increasing students’ opportunity for academic and social development in an increasingly competitive environment. Through observing their own children, these educators saw the need for independent education built on a variety of intelligences to succeed in a complex, modern society.


20th Anniversary Party – performance by the talented Gao Man Hua

Listen to Principal Amy’s Interview with Epoch Times below.

ShareWorld Teacher Interviews

1. SAT English teacher Mr. Stephen Johnson

3. SAT English / College Consultant Mr. Daniel Chun

5. SAT / AP Biology teacher Mr. Charles Tai

7. SAT I / II Math Teacher Mr. Michael Lee

9. General Manager Sabrina ( Chinese )

2. SAT I / II Math teacher Mr. Peter Chang

4. College Counselor Dr. Mayumi Yoshida

6. Afterschool English Teacher Ms. Sabrina Ayers

8. SAT / AP Physics & Calculus teacher Ms. Wei-Yi Ku ( Chinese )

After School Teacher Series

1. After School English Teacher Ms. Sabrina Ayers’ Interview with General Manager Ms. Sabrina Wang.

3. After School teacher Ms. Sun & After school Admin Ms. Carol’s Interview with General Manager Ms.Sabrina. (Chinese)

2. Office Admin Ms. Terry’s Interview with General Manager Ms.Sabrina. (Chinese)

4. After School Chinese Teacher Ms.Fu’s Interview with General Manager. Ms. Sabrina. (Chinese)