College Admission

Recent College Admission Trend

  • UC/CSU becoming extremely SELECTIVE
  • Major-oriented selection in science and engineering
  • Major-oriented activities and experience
  • Increased importance on GPA/SAT
  • More options for additional materials
  • Private schools actively recruiting
  • More interviews by private schools
  • Importance of senior year grades

What do I need to do to reach my dream college?

  • Check admission requirements
    (Science, foreign languages, SAT tests)
  • Become an active part of your school community
  • Engage in community activities
  • Keep yourself grounded on the basics
  • Be who you are – no need to compare yourself to others
  • Spend your summer/spring breaks wisely

                                                                              Quality, content, and sustained activities!

ShareWorld’s college counselors can help you

  • Profile improvements for a holistic review
  • SAT/ACT preparation
  • GPA boosts
  • Plan and apply for summer opportunities
  • Individualized plans (backup plans)
  • Prepare timetable; follow-up
  • Application consultations for optimal results

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Counselor’s Advice

Ask Yourself:

Are you…

  • a student with a clear vision for your future?
  • a proactive individual?
  • a person who can make a difference in your life and in that of others?

Have you…

  • expanded your world beyond academics?
  • committed yourself to any continuous efforts?
  • impacted your community in any positive ways?