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College Admission


Applying for admission to college simply isn’t as easy as it used to be.

With admission rates dropping and expectations rising, the competition for top colleges is becoming increasingly difficult. The college application process is no longer a four month task, but rather a four year process that requires heavy-duty preparation and thought. Regardless of where you want to go, the reliable help and advice you need is right here. We challenge you to expand your expectations, because there are no limitations here at Shareworld.

Our goal:

Our goal at ShareWorld Learning Center is to get you into your dream college and to nurture successful learning attitudes. Through our classes and counseling, we will analyze what you need and provide the resources for you to get into your ideal institution.

By focusing on the individual and catering to each person’s specific needs, we are confident that we can bring out the best each of our students!

What sets us apart

We are able to pay individual attention to each student, and each student is guaranteed to not be passed around. Your counselor will be available and approachable whenever you need.

ShareWorld also provides the largest selection of classes compared to our competitors, and has renowned, experienced teachers who are highly dedicated to ensuring student success. Our staff will not hesitate to go the extra mile in order to see our students succeed.


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Counselor’s Advice

Ask Yourself

Are you…

-a student with a clear vision for your future?
-an active initiator?
-a person who can make a difference in your life and in that of others?


Have you…

– Expanded your world beyond academics?
– Committed yourself to any continuous efforts?
– Impacted your community in any positive way?