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ShareWorld’s Unique College Counseling Program

Our college counseling packages are comprised of the essential building blocks to a successful college profile: SAT I  test prep, ACT test prep, GPA boosters, AP test prep, and the college application. The programs are also designed to allow room for personalization so that you can build your package to fit accordingly with your needs.

  1. Dedicated counselor
    Each student is assigned to a chief counselor who guides and takes care of the student throughout the entire process.
  2. Team support
    Our team of counselors and teachers will work together to ensure optimal results.
  3. Unique opportunities
    ShareWorld provides unique opportunities for leadership and community involvement that may not be available elsewhere.
  4. Detailed essay editing and application guidance
    Students’ essays will be reviewed by a team of editors, not just one counselor. Applications will be reviewed thoroughly for accuracy and strength.
  5. Post-submission follow up
    Our counselor will continue to guide the student to improve chances in case of deferred or wait-listed acceptances or appeal opportunities.
  6. Rapport and holistic guidance
    Our experienced counselors know how to build a good rapport with students and establish relationships built on trust. That’s why many students return for graduate school or transfer applications.

How We Can Help:

  • Academic Planning & Consulting 

    • Guidance with choosing appropriate, challenging classes in high school
    • Laying out future goals and career paths to get on track toward success
    • Acquiring extracurricular leadership opportunities
    • Planning AP/Honors courses and standardized exam dates
    • Test preparation classes for AP, SAT/ACT, 
    • Supplementary classes to improve and maintain a high GPA
    • Developing a strong fundamental work ethic and study skills
    • Troubleshooting and providing solutions
  • College Application Guidance & Essay Editing

    • Step-by-step college counseling to appeal to admissions officers
    • Determining safety, target, and reach schools
    • Creating a timetable and checklist for each college application
    • Breaking down application requirements, school selection strategies, financial aid, and important deadlines
    • Preparing other necessary materials (i.e. resume, recommendation letters, art/music portfolio)
    • Brainstorming and crafting unique, standout essays to impress admissions officers
    • Filling out application forms
    • Practicing proper interview etiquette

 Our College Application Package (CAP) offers only the services included in the College Application Guidance & Essay Editing portion.

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