News and Updates

12/3 Open House
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
New Test Prep Classes
SAT I Test Prep for test on 1/23/16
CR, WR & Math 3 Subjects:
Sunday Now - 12/20 (1:00-6:00pm)
New SAT Classes
SAT English for G9-10
SAT English Prep for G9-10
SAT Essay Writing for G10-11
New Spring 2016 Classes Starting 1/4/16
Enrichment Program
After School Program
Good News
MPM Mathematics Program offers in 2016
Mondays and Fridays at 4:00-5:30pm
Alumni Share Their Experience
Hear our Alumni’s Success Stories!

The new SAT I

College Admissions

A. Early College Planning

B. Academic Plan & Evaluation

C. SAT I Test Package

D. College Application

E. Essay Editing

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SAT and AP Tests

SAT / New SAT I:
Math / Critical Reading & Writing

Math / Literature / History
Physics / Biology / Chemistry
Chinese / Spanish / Japanese

Calculus / English / History
Chinese / Japanese / Spanish
Physics / Biology / Chemistry

Classes and Tutoring

Critical Reading & Writing Essay Writing
Online Tutoring

Algebra I / Geometry
Algebra II & Trigonometry
Math Analysis / Calculus

Physics / Biology / Chemistry
Computer Science

Social Science:
History / Literature

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