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4 Years Planning/Counseling – 1 Private

4 Years Planning/Counseling – 1 Private

$ 7,300.0

GPA Management | Extracurricular Leadership | Test Preparation | College Applications | Essay Editing



4 Years planning/counseling from G9 to G12. College Application for 1 private school

Package Includes:

  1. Academic Planning and Consultation
    • Assistance in Course Registration
    • Consultations on colleges or programs of interest
    • Parents’ Night: Parents interact with the counselor
  2. Extracurricular and Leadership
    • Summer Activities (COSMOS, YSP, SIMR)
    • New extracurricular activities and/or important leadership positions
    • Finding community service events/activities to participate in
  3. Complete Guidance and Essay Editing
    • One-on-one meetings with the counselor to discuss: target schools, majors, essays, interview practice, and more.
  4. Test Preparations
    • Free classes in PSAT (9th graders only)/SAT I Intensive (English and Math)/ACT Test Prep, or any two SAT II Subject Tests.
    • Free assessment tests to register for the appropriate classes
    • GPA Enhancement


  • 6 One-on-One Application Guidance sessions
  • Senior Questionnaire Assistance
  • College Kick-off Essay Workshop
  • Informational Meetings
  • Interview Practices
  • Waitlist Guidance/Appeals
  • Email Access to Counselors


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