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ESL 課程

ESL 課程


  1. 開發所有學術領域里的英語,主攻閱讀和寫作。
  2. 掌握基本英語會話技巧 。
  3. 深入了解美國的文化與傳統 。



英語會話 每日英語
閱讀理解 公眾演講
批判性閱讀 講故事

ESL International Student Exchange

ShareWorld has specialized English courses geared specifically toward international ESL students. With decades of international experience, ShareWorld faculty offers a high quality learning experience for ESL students.

The summer English camp focuses on everyday English usage, allowing students to practice speaking in real world scenarios to facilitate smooth and natural conversational speech.

International Summer Camp

Classes for ESL students are categorized into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Classes are available Monday to Friday with flexible hours.






The summer ESL program runs Monday-Friday, 9:30-4:30. The program includes classes, lunch, playtime, and time to socialize with peers. The ShareWorld staff supervises students on all breaks and encourages them to engage in activities that help them practice English speaking skills. Students may also remain at ShareWorld after 4:30 for other activities.

Proposed ESL Field Trip Locations

To heighten ESL student knowledge of English language needed for different aspects of life, students go on field trips to local destinations to practice their everyday conversational skills. Suggested field trip locations are located below:

  • Library: Understand the library card application process, look for specific articles or books, check out books and return/renew them, read library programs and schedules
  • Children’s Discovery Museum: Explore exhibits, learn about history, practice reading exhibit names, etc.
  • Movie Theater: Understand how to purchase tickets and get drinks and snacks, get familiar with theater etiquette and vocabulary
  • Shopping Mall: Understand buying & returning etiquette, ask for fitting room and price, get discounts / bargain
  • Bus/Train Station: Acquire bus/train schedule by phone or mail, recognize price and destination/departure location as well as connections and discount passes
  • Post Office: Understand how to obtain different services and charges, tracking shipping, changing/forwarding an address, and buying stamps
  • Other: Supermarket shopping, restaurants etc.