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1993年新學友教育學習中心,由四個資深教育工作者創立。 他們有鑑於社會發展迅速,競爭環境日益激烈,為協助父母提高孩子未來的競爭力,減輕父母教育子女的負擔, 於是稟持著「子女成長只有一次,教育投資重在即時」的教育理念,為多元族裔的學子創造一個優良完善的學習環境。

-College Counselors-

Our school is looking for college counselors who are experienced with the admission process in order to coach students through their high school career.
Job Description:

Carry a varied case load of students.
Develop education goals and create structured paths to attainment.
Maintain contact with students/parents through in depth email, phone and in person meetings.
Perform initial 30 minute consultations in order to assess compatibility.
Keep up to date records of each student and follow up with questions.
Coordinate and interpret standardized test results to students and parents.
Facilitate the college selection and application process.
Provide advice on preparation courses, testing and community service involvement.
Ability to inspire and motivate students, while building close relationships.
Commitment to their student’s success.

-English & History Teacher Position-

Experienced English and history teachers who are familiar with the high school curriculum and standardized testing.
Job Description:

English & History Teacher Position:
Teach English language, reading & writing, vocabulary & grammar
Teach U.S. History & World History
Understand the fundamentals of school course curriculums
Form class goals and concepts for class material
Foster skills such as critical reading, essay writing, and vocabulary knowledge
Teach SAT English, Reading, Writing & Language
Teach ACT English, Reading, Writing
Administer diagnostic and practice tests in class
Determine problems and barriers students have with the exams
Help improve students’ exam scores
Engage students with various learning styles