A Message From The Principal

Since the founding of ShareWorld in 1993, we have gradually transformed our learning center from a mere after school enrichment center to an established academic institution offering a broad range of classes for everything from SAT & AP test preparation to college admission counseling.

We have carefully recruited the best instructors for each subject and have meticulously prepared each course ensuring the high quality. During the past few years, we have seen a plethora of our students scoring perfect SAT scores and enrolling at the best colleges in the United States. It brings the tremendous joy to us every single time we learn that another of our students is accepted by his or her dream college.

From many years of helping students preparing SAT tests and college counseling, I have come up with two basic suggestions for our parents to ensure the success of our students:

Start early and prepare early: nowadays it is extremely competitive and unbelievably difficult to get into the top colleges. However if you plan ahead, you will stay ahead of the game. ShareWorld's experienced College counselors can help assess each individual student's background and match them with their most compatible colleges. Our college counselors also help students with understanding the deadlines, general requirements, and academic and social climates of the colleges to which they wish to apply and the procedures necessary to fulfill those expectations. Information about financial aid, focusing on a specific career path, composing and revising an ideal essay, and procuring promising letters of recommendation will also be provided. Use ShareWorld to get ahead!

Check out our wide variety of courses: ShareWorld's carefully crafted courses are designed for scoring high on all kinds of tests including SAT and AP tests. I have seen many "A" students failed miserable on SAT and AP tests because they did not know the right techniques and strategies to master these tests. The disciplines and strategies you will learn at ShareWorld could dramatically improve your test score. You could be the next one to score a perfect 800 on the SAT!


We also have an after-school program. Although we have both the children and the teenagers under one roof, we have two separate departments designed just for them. Each department has its own group of excellent teachers and staff ready to serve their students. I strongly encourage all the students and parents to take advantage of this prime time to explore their different options through the classes offered at ShareWorld. I sincerely hope every one of the students here can experience and decide on what he or she wants early in life and pursue them further in the future.

Yours Truly,

Amy Wonn