Vocabulary and Reading
Through readings in classical literature and rigorous vocabulary drills, students will acquire a sophisticated vocabulary and develop advanced reading skills.

Advanced English
Through exercises in graded readings, students will develop the skills not only to do well on the SAT Critical Reading test, but also to cope with the reading load at an academically demanding university.

Advanced Reading & Writing
This class will cover vocabulary, reading skills, grammar, and writing skills. Vocabulary will entail three pages a week from the Advanced Vocabulary book; Reading will entail readings from the Homer, Milton, Dryden, Pope, Emerson, and others; Grammar will entail the entirety of A Brief Grammar of English; and Writing will entail original thinking, essay organization, and a topical abstract of SAT essay values (honesty, individualism, responsibility, etc.) drawn from the readings.

SAT I Critical Reading & Writing
In addition to learning all the vocabulary and reading skills necessary to cope in college as well as to excel in the SAT Critical Reading exam, students will also learn the skills to write an effective essay for the SAT Writing Test.

Classical Chinese Literature & Latin
Latin at all levels from beginning to Advanced; Chinese classics include Lun Yu (論語), Tang Poetry (唐詩), and 古文觀止.

US History
Survey of US History beginning with colonization.