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College Counseling Services

How We Can Help:

  • Academic Planning & Consulting 

    • Guidance with choosing appropriate, challenging classes in high school
    • Laying out future goals and career paths to get on track toward success
    • Acquiring extracurricular leadership opportunities
    • Planning AP/Honors courses and standardized exam dates
    • Test preparation classes for AP, SAT/ACT, SAT II exams
    • Supplementary classes to improve and maintain a high GPA
    • Developing a strong fundamental work ethic and study skills
    • Troubleshooting and providing solutions
    • College Kick-Off Workshop
  • College Application Guidance & Essay Editing

    • Step-by-step college counseling to appeal to admissions officers
    • Determining safety, target, and reach schools
    • Creating a timetable and checklist for each college application
    • Breaking down application requirements, school selection strategies, financial aid, and important deadlines
    • Preparing other necessary materials (i.e. resume, recommendation letters, art/music portfolio)
    • Brainstorming and crafting unique, standout essays to impress admissions officers
    • Filling out application forms
    • Practicing for proper interview etiquette

Our Early College Planning Package (ECP) includes both the Academic Planning & Consulting portion as well as the College Application Guidance & Essay Editing portion. Our College Application Package (CAP) offers only the services included in the College Application Guidance & Essay Editing portion.

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Skills We Foster

  • Priority-setting and self-discipline
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Time management (plan both short and long term goals)
  • Maintaining a healthy academic routine
  • Enjoyment of one’s high school career