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College Counseling Services

How We Can Help:

  • ShareWorld Classes

    • Build upon knowledge during study sessions
    • Form a strong fundamental work ethic
    • Troubleshoot and provide solutions
    • Establish helpful study habits and skills
  • ShareWorld Counselors

    • Guidance on choosing appropriate, challenging classes in high school
    • Build a strong foundation of study skills
    • Layout future goals and career paths
    • Familiarize yourself with application requirements, school selection strategies, financial aid, and important deadlines
    • Plan AP/Honors courses, SAT I/ACT exams, SAT II test preparation, and extracurricular activities
    • Craft a unique and standout essay to impress admissions officers
    • Get on track toward success

Skills We Foster

  • Priority-setting
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Time management (plan both short and long term goals)
  • Maintaining a healthy academic routine
  • Enjoyment of one’s high school career