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Stephen Johnson

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About Mr.Johnson:

Mr. Johnson, a Stanford graduate, is an accomplished linguist who has studied numerous languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Egyptian, French, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Mayan Glyphs, Old English, and Sanskrit. Armed with 25 years of teaching experience, Mr. Johnson challenges his students to think critically, and develop their own opinions. After completing Mr. Johnson's curriculum, students are more confident, and independent learners.

Student Testimony:

"I was highly impressed with Mr. Johnson's depth of knowledge. His teaching methodologies exposed me to literature such as Beowulf and Paradise Lost and his flashcard/booklet system vastly expanded my vocabulary. Since taking that class, I've reached out and exposed myself to even more literature that has greatly shaped me"

- Eric Wong / SAT 2400 / Monta Vista High School '11 / Columbia University


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